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Anyone worked through the list? I’m trying to price out the project but few of the part numbers match current West System price list and the “pack size” in kg is wicked confusing. Are Microspheres (no longer sold by West) the same as Microlight? Any help out there?

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Hi Michael,

generally with resins 1Kg = 1 Litre.

Fillers: you’ll need Qcells (white) which are light and inexpensive and phenolic micro balloons (tan). I usually make a mixture of the two which wets out easily. Qcells are very light and take a while to mix.

you’ll need colloidal silica as well for glue I usually mix a little Qcells with this to make it easier to get a smoother finish.

As a last note I would recommend a 2:1 or 3:1 epoxy as they appear to be a little less toxic than 5:1 and usually less expensive than west and shop around for product west is not cheap!

Good luck


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