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I'm glad to chip in toward the costs of running this site with my small contribution.  The amount of useful information and free help available has to be worth a few dollars / pounds / euros or whatever of anybody's money!

Well done for running it BB, we do appreciate it!

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You and everyone else are quite welcome. I am happy to help.

I had problems loading this site for about 5days,realized how much I missed it.I will chip in next week.

OK I,m in! There is no better website for Wharram enthusiasts. 

C'est vrai, no better website for these boats. I'm in too.

Budget Boater's costs to run this free website have tripled this year. If every member contributed a dollar he can pay the fees! We do not want to stick Budge with the check. He receives no profit for his efforts. I am sure you can afford a small amount to help him out.

I can't believe we can't get some more donations, are there really that few people using this website?

I tried to make a donation supplying PayPal with all the  credit card information etc. And ended up turned me down saying to try again later?? can I send you an old fashion check by snail mail?


Gratefully sent.   Thanks

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