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I built 2 hull stands that can take an axle and wheels to move my Tiki 26.  They work equally as well when moving a single hull although the weight of the fully rigged boat means care and manpower is required.  I have launched and recovered on a slipway using them as well but attached to a car tow hook. The V-angle is taken from the shape of the bulkhead just forward of the main hatch.  They are constructed of 15mm plywood both screwed and epoxy filleted.  They take a 1 inch steel axle that accepts two pneumatic wheels on either side - so eight wheels in total for the pair of stands.  The bolt on the picture next to the axle hole prevenets the jubilee clips on the removable axle from spinning.  The wheels are secured on the axle using R clips. For a Tiki 21 everthing could be sclaed down.

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Hi Jerry,

i hope this gets to you. I am hopelessly lost among all these digital forums. I never know weather pressing a button will send a message as intended, or sign away my pension to a kid on a jet ski. Anyway, here goes.

thanks for the photos, that is exactly what I was looking for. Getting the correct angle for the “V” might be awkward because at the moment she is sitting on the ground in long grass. However, I will find a way.

i am based in Orkney UK, way up north. I haven’t had the boat on the water for too many years, so a lot of work to do before she is fit. The road trailer is completely rusted through.

if you are able to email any more information and photos, that would be great.


fair winds,


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