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If you would know of a reliable  delivery captain capable  of taking a wharram pahi from american samoa to seattle, please pass along this note or have them contact me here via emails.  Or send email to me at vuilbaard- at -earthlink.net. Need someone capable as the trip will be demanding. But can probably pay them  close to what they are  worth. Thanks. Yet another screwy idea for getting a wharram  up here in the PNW....probably an unlikely request from  universe to put this together, but hey, i am full of  peach pie and  ready to take on the planet

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What size Pahi?
42 foot pahi.
Hi, i try to contact owner of Pahi 42' for sale in Samoa, not same ?
Is the same. I am not interested any longer. Last contact i had with the fellow he was off argentina coast in another boat. let me know if you need his email. I will track it down. clif


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