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Did some of you tried to use deadeyes to tension Dyneema shrouds on a Tiki 21 ?
I tried to make some out of plywood, three layers of 6mm and glued with epoxy, but I am a little concerned about the tension they can hold.
Is there an alternative to plywood deadeyes for such small boats? What do you use on your own shrouds?
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I got the sheet of POM on EBAY for 6 €   http://wharrambuilders.ning.com/photo/image-832?context=user

hard to UV and very resistant .

that is indeed a very cool project. 

 Iʻm having the deadeyes made by Zephyrwerks the Sheave Factory,  zephyrwerks.com. Using his rope stropped block kits, with Locust for the shells and acetal sheaves with oilite self lubricating bronze sleeve bearings and SS pins for all my blocks. Ed makes custom sized deadeyes out of Locust. 


 Iʻm going old school and traditional on the Narai. Three strand POSH rope rigging that looks very similar to three strand hemp rope etc...

 Cheers, Allen


paul anderson said:

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