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I've been following the blog of David and Mary Margaret Leu, who have been cruising for about 5 years, and they've put together a ton of information that may be useful, for they are catamaran sailors:


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Thanks for the heads up mate.

Ack, says it's all gone now. . .

Uh oh, they're on sailblogs.com, if you go to the site and search "leu" or "leucat", you should get their blog which has links off to one side.  They also proudly proclaim their technotips on the heading of their blog.  They are in Malaysia now after a side trip to China.

OK, I see the problem is at dropbox.  I've got the pdf file, but it's about 5.5 megs and I can't fit it into a blog here and I don't see any place to post a file of that size.  Maybe they'll fix dropbox.  If anyone has any ideas about posting a pdf file of this size, please.  It is no bigger than some of the pictures posted here.

It's back up on Dropbox.

Andy she's gone again.

I grabbed it while it was up if anybody needs it

Ahoy Paul, Russell, and Janet,

     Thanks for fixing that.  Most of the technotips are correct.  Some give us some insight into the operation of a production type catamaran.  They are not suffering their way around.  Some of the technotips are useful to us.  I have a friend named Dave who is a diver and it is his distinctive voice that I hear when I read Dave Leu's blog. 

For general seamanship I found it useful too, a concise package from someone who has runs on the board.

Yeah, they've got fridge, freezer, weather radar.  There's a lot of info in their blog and in the technotips, but I can save you a lot of trouble by giving the top ten technotips:

Top ten technotips:

10.  Write a technotip every time you blog.

9.  Write that you're going to Mozambique, when the pirates leave port, go to Singapore!

8.  Write how great Colombia is, let them find out for themselves...

7.  When you've had too many Cuba Libre's the night before, let Mary Margaret write the blog!

6.  Sail downwind, motor upwind!

5.  Learn Mexican Train Dominoes, practice until you are unbeatable, don't tell anyone...

4.  Next time, contract out that passage through the Canal!

3.  Put a helo pad on the bridge deck level!

2.  Bring Anthony Bourdain next time to cook!

and the top TechnoTip:

1.  Stock up on those cigars in Cuba, and rum in Puerto Rico!

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