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Cutting wood with a hand circular saw por buy it cutted from the shop. Hitia 17.

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I am bulding a hitia 16 with friends and some of us are prone to do the cutting ouwselves of the wood (not the ply). May it be posible just with a eléctric circular saw.

Yes,there should be no problems.Measure twice cut once.

If I understand the question, it is efficient to cut the curves in the plywood with a handheld circular saw. I would gang the four pieces together and cut them as one. Set the depth of cut to just be sufficient to go through the all material. This also makes it much easier to follow the curve.

Thank you both. Omar, i am talking about the timber. We hace 1" x 1' x 6m timber that we hace to cut into ½ ¾ etc. Strips. The framing. Since we hace this wood we want to know if cutting forma this purpose or buy the cutted timber as the plana dictate.

OK, beg, borrow, or steal a table saw from someone and use this to mill all the lumber parts for your Hitia. Nobody is going to stock the exact sizes you need. They, like you would need to mill it from larger boards. You might as well do it yourself.

... and check the quality of the cutting. Sizes indicated on blueprint is for planned wood. So, with the table saw, you may need an electric plane, or a machine... well, don't know the name in English... dégauchisseuse. Ah! Planning machine.

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