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Hi All,

I'm a young Aussie who has been romanticising about owning/building my own cat for a decade now. Now that I have finished my studies, been working as an Engineer and saving for a while I'm taking some time off to explore the world a bit.

I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who might be looking for crew or even a helping hand with their wharrams as I'd like to learn some skills and get some first hand experience with the boats themselves before building/buying my own.

I bought my first boat - a hobie 14 (i-lean I) when I was just 15 and used it to sail all around moreton bay. More recently I had a hobie 16 (i-lean II) which I used for extended camping trips up to a month around the SEQ region. 

I'm currently in Asia but not geographically restricted by any means and I can speak Spanish and have some conversational skills in a few latin languages and currently learning Mandarin if that helps!

I'm easy going and very curious. My long term goal is to circumnavigate the world but I haven't been fortunate enough to know some kind of sailing mentor as of yet to show me the ropes so I'm hoping there is someone on this forum who is keen to give me a hand on this journey!

Cheers :)


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