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Cookie has a new owner in Steve Burge.

We delivered Cookie down to Plymouth from Exmouth on Sat 17th March. Coldest trip I ever had on her! Force 8 NE winds round Start point and snow showers as we approached Plymouth. Exciting last trip for me, covering the 55miles in 6 hours. Steve learnt that auto inflating lifejackets arent agreat idea on Cookie!

I would like to wish Steve and Cookie all the best in their future adventures together. Fair winds brave little boat.

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A page has been turned... What next?

All the best!


A page has been turned. 

What next?

All the best!


Indeed Eric.

The next chapter is to tweak our Tiki 30 Moana, to get her just the way we want and go off cruising in a few years when the kids have finished school.

WOW! must have been an emotional day. The missus didn't fancy crawling into separate hulls to sleep? ;-)

All the best to you Rory!

I missed this completely Rory, so apologies for the very late reply. Some photos attached of that blast around from Exmouth to Plymouth. It was probably the best conditions for me to experience what Cookie is capable of - at least in your hands.

Rory & Cookie 1.jpeg

Rory & Cookie 2 tea break.jpeg

Things have been quiet since. I took Cookie ashore and undercover at Calstock the winter before the first lockdown and what with one thing and another she’s been there since. Cookie will be back in the water this summer, when I hope to get up to the west coast of Scotland. Maybe via west coast of Ireland.

Take care


One more, leaving Exmouth.


Hi Steve,

That's great news, good luck with the plans and look forward to hearing your epic tales!

Hopefully not too epic. At least to start with.

While we’re here - do you still recommend Hempels (polygloss 55530?) 2 part epoxy paint for deck, and is this what you also used for blue beams and burgundy bits?


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