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Hi all,

Isn't Christmas shopping a chore? Struggling to come up with gift ideas for your sailing mates, it's a real pain.

Here's a suggestion. Hop over to Amazon and pre-order 'A Foolish Voyage' for Kindle. Why not get a copy for yourself while you're there?

I could tell you what a fantastic read it is, but I'm a Brit, I don't like to brag. Here's what some of my Beta-readers said though:

A bloody good read, I really enjoyed it - Ifor

Read it! Thank you. Sincerely Neil! GEE! - Michael

Holy S**T Neil! You had me in tears at the end. What an amazing story - Craig

A compelling retelling of a young sea-gypsy's maiden adventure which, despite the outcome, makes you want to grab your kit-bag, let go the lines and cast your lot in with the waves. I wish I'd read this 30 years ago - Jon 

Oh, and if you order now you'll get it at a silly low price.


P.S. Other good sailing books are available

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I just found out that you can't gift Kindle books on the .co.uk site. Amazon obviously don't think Brits like to give or something, strange. You can send a personalised gift card though.

HERE'S the link.

Hope that helps.


It certainly is a good read, I found it hard to put down!  If you enjoy adventures that include the human element, like the Kon-Tiki books or James Wharram's Two Girls Two Catamarans, you'll love this.  I hope the book does well.


I will be reading Neil's book for sure. I enjoy his blog and I've seen his boat and he puts a lot in. So the book will, no doubt, be as good.

I'd be interested in addition suggestions for other great sailing reads?

I hadn't realised at first that it's available as a proper old-fashioned paperback, as well as in e-book format.  As you can't give e-books as gifts from Amazon UK I bought the paperback version for my son for Christmas.  It's just arrived, and I must say it's well presented and looks very professional.

Merry Christmas Neil, and thanks for such an interesting and entertaining story.


Thanks Rob, much appreciated. It's good to know it looks OK, I haven't seen it myself yet!

Have a great Christmas and New Year


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