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I have resumed in a pdf article how I made the free wood masts for our Tiki46 "Grand PHA" in two steps in order to adjust it in the hull in the hangar :

Building of two 16m wood masts V1.01


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Bertrand, you are a real master. Fantastic! I also really like your 'belt sander', simple and smart. Hats off.


Bertrand you are a fuking crazy...but I love you. Hats off too.

Thank you. Sure, to build a such boat it's necessary to be a fuking crazy.

Sometimes I loose a lot of time in studying too much early some solutions to progress my building but in fact, very often, the good solutions appear at the good moment.

As example, after to have build a system to drive the belt sander (the bobbin was a gift of Ann and Nev to help to make the beam trough) I was very disappointed to be unable to drive the sand belt due to slipping around the bobbin. And very quickly,  in a few minutes, I found an old  bicycle air-chamber to wrap around the bobbin  and the result was excellent.

After so many years of building I can at last be sure the launch day is near ( March or April).

I have to finish the electric and electronic installations, to build all the wishbones for the Swing Wing rig and to get a flag, and so to build a tender.

All my Best Wishes for this new year 2012.


PS : sorry to don't put enough informations on this site. In waiting you can have a look at the web site of my wife :


Dear Betrand, the masts look superb, and your boat too.  Wish you good speed and success towards launching.  You have the energy and skill of a boatyard full of builders!


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