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So I am busy building a tiki 26 in grp ( plan # 441)
Bad quality epoxy and higth inport cost got me to build a mold and go plastic!
So at this stage mold is ready and on my return we ll start building hull no 1.
Plans is to build monoliyhique 450 glass matt, 600 bi axiall, 450 glass matt double at the bottom and for half of the top side + 2 foam stiffner to run along hull + 6 bulkhead .

Old tiki 26 in grp use to have corematt inside but I am not a fan of coremat !

I would not mind your advise & opinion .


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Hello everyone,

So hull no 1 is out ! See pictures .

Weigth without plywood deck & epoxy + 200g cloth is kg 208 ... so finish should be around 220 ..

a bit heavier the ply .

Do you think it is a big problem ?


I dont think so. My Tiki 26 has 8 mm ply insteed of 6 mm and I think each hull weights more than yours (difficult to move by four people), but I have sailed it at more than 15 knots!


Best news of the day!! Thank you

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