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I'm wondering if anyone has written any books about their build or things that have happened to them while building or sailing.  Just checking, because it would be fun to read more lengthy descriptions of the processes we all know so well.

My book is not about building.  It is about preparing food, and storing it.  Do you think you have time to read it?  If you would like to, it is on http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/173155

Use the coupon DL43V through July 1 and it is free.  Comments appreciated :)

I wonder if a collaborative book about boatbuilding has been written?  It would be fun to read a dozen or so perspectives on how it all pans out for each individual.

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I wonder if a collaborative compilation on the web would work ie a compressed version of peoples builds all over the world with the whole process of building,buying and hopefully leading to sailing adventures.But then again that is what we have here but in more detailed way albeit at a greater time level.A book could follow the same structure,the personal motivations are always interesting to me.

cheers paul.

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