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Here are some specifications for our Ariki. The first is for a basic sail-away boat at $299,000 and the second is for a very nice boat we have sold to the San Fransisco Bay area.  I believe these represent real value. Comments and thoughts are welcomed.



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Sounds awesome.  Just made me realize all the things I still have to purchase, lol.

The version with twin 60s - how fast do you expect it to go? Would twin 25s not achieve the same?

Honda makes a 9.9 and a 15 hp 25 inch low-geared high-thrust outboard.  The next size up in that style is the Honda 60. So the choice is between the 15 and the 60 hp. There are several reasons we really like the 60s.  First, they provide plenty of reserve power, which is very nice to have when you need it.  We expect a cruising speed in the 10-12 knot range with a WOT speed of about 15 knots.  Cruising speeds are achieved at the half-throttle range or less.  This means you have a quieter ride and the motors are working under a lot less strain.  Plus they go fast enough to haul your kids around on inflatable toys.

By the way, our v1 specs should list 15s instead of 9.9s.  That was a typo and we will fix it.

Ahoy Boatsmith,

     A very exciting boat.  It looks like my Yamaha T50, which has a 20" shaft is similar to the Honda model, but the 25" shaft is a bonus.  The carburetors are very sensitive to ethanol gas and it is said that if you get non-ethanol gas and mix it with ethanol gas, the result can be a gel in the fuel system.  If a fuel injected model is available, it would be more reliable.  My waterline is about 2 ft shorter than the Ariki and I find efficient cruising at about 7-8 knots.  When the wave formed by the wake moves down the hull to the rudder, that seems to be the most efficient.  Any faster and the wake starts forming larger waves.  The boat seems to top out at around 10-11 knots.  Fuel consumption goes way up.   We have a 300 mile range at the slower cruising speed on the installed tank, but of course you can have jerry cans along.  I won't try to drag race you if you got the twin 60's.

Hello BoatSmith , I see JWD team is going to be in Farnce in May. Is there going to be a Wharram get together in the keys again?

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