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Hi guys

I am buying a wharram in Canada, but I am a non-resident so the few companies I have contacted so far rejected to take the risk.

As i cannot travel along the intracoastal water way (ICW) without insurance (USA requirement) I would know if someone can help me in finding an insurance company that would take the risk. I will cruise the caribbean and then around the world on the barefoot route.

An option would be to register the boat in USA (Delaware) using an american corporate and get an insurance there , but I would prefer to keep the Canadian flag..

Prompt help/answers would be very useful, since i am flying on sept 4th to Canada to make the deal.

Thank you for stopping bye .....

(another wharram fan from Uruguay)

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Hi Patrick,

Alex died some years ago. You should ask Luis Nin that was a friend of him.


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