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Hello Folks.  I recently posted another question about the 42, but it got me thinking about some larger issues, specifically choice.   I have talked to three persons selling Wharrams for months (or longer!).  There are two 38's and a 42.    The two 38's appear to be very clean, and built to a high standard.  They are both also fairly "new", being less than 10 years old each.    The 42 is older, and appears to be very up to date.    Ultimately the 42 is a bit less expensive, than the 38's, but all are within 25% of each other.

We are two adults, and two preteens, girl and boy.   I have some bias towards the Tiki because of the looks, and it is a ketch (I perceive some benefits?).  On the other side, the 42 is larger, and slightly less in cost.    I also think the Tikis may be a better performer, but I have no informed data to back it up.  And really, I'm not sure it matters when I'm looking for comfort/safety over performance.  

How would you grapple with a question like that?  What questions would you be asking yourself?   

Chris Curtis

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Hello All. I'm the person who originally posted the question on boat choice. I really appreciate all the great comments people have given. I do think we have made a choice. In the next few weeks we'll see our "choice" again once more, and most likely make a deposit. As a family, We'll be heading out to go cruising in sometime in July for at least a year. We'll plan to be down in Florida in early December to meet all the fine folks at the Wharram Rendezvous. If you have never been, it is well worth it. We have Ann and Neville, David and his wife, and all the other fine folks who went to last years rendezvous to thank for our plans. Going to Florida, and meeting them really pushed us over the edge as far as the decision to go cruising. Our entire family is excited to take off, but we still have 4 more months of preparation before we do.

Chris Curtis

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