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Hi all,I have noticed my front beam is taking a hammering regardless of the fact that i have a roller centrally placed. I would like to add a strip of something on either side of the nylon roller on beam to protect it from the anchor and it's chain when being deployed..Timber,nylon?

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My front beam is alloy, as it's one of the glass Tiki's, but that also got badly scuffed by the chain early on in its life.  The owner before me added a bit of thin stainless steel to protect it, and that seems to work well.  It doesn't need to be thick so it can be quite light and not difficult to bend to shape.

Thnx Robert,i think i have some SS lying around.

On our Tiki 46, Peace IV, we had some scuffing on the forward beam from the anchor.  This was managed with a sacrificial strip of wood on the forward edge of the beam.  

Ann and Nev

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