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Hi everyone - I have read with interest previous correspondence regarding the Tiki 31 -  I have recently acquired one here in Auckland - as it it rains quite a bit here I would like to close  the two central cockpits - I have quite a bit of wood rot to cut out so may as well do it as one project.

Question has anyone actually removed beam 3 or made it shorter like the 38ft. The longer masts how has that worked out, has anyone tried a single mast set up between beam 2 and 3.

Thanks Pieter

PS. Richard lets see if this works

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Hello- ref Beam 3 and your request for info. I have no experience of beam removals : my only thoughts about this which may be worth considering are regarding beam lashing points, blocks, reinforcement etc.

If you are taking out a beam there must be an increase (which could be more than a proportional increase) in the forces acting in these areas adjoining the remaining beams, so I would think that these would need to be redesigned accordingly.

If you have a lot of rot to cut out that would indicate to me that you would need to take particular care.

On the Tiki 31 there are quite a few water traps and in these areas I have while building filleted or sheathed to both protect the substrate and also to provide falls for any water, including where there may be condensation.

The four Tiki 31 beams are enormously strong, and mine are sheathed also. I built two of them one Christmas in my front room at home with the heating turned up to max!

Good luck with your restoration -

Hi Ian thanks for getting back to me -

I have received a email from Richard as well indicating that beam 3 on the Tiki he used to have was shortened, which I think may be the way to go.

I agree there are quite a few water traps and will be looking at ways to remedy.


Hi Guys,

I think it should be noted that the shortened beam 3 no longer provides any structural support for the boat as a whole, i.e. it can neither support torsional loads nor bending loads. However, it can carry deck loads and almost certainly mast loads. (I have not tested the latter.) A comparison with the more lightly built Tiki 30 that has only 3 beams would suggest that three should be sufficient.

The point about checking for rot underneath the remaining supporting chocks is I think very important. I was lucky, only one beam chock had rot below it. The repair was not easy though, especially since I only noticed this towards the end of the restoration and had poor access to the area.



Hi Guys,

has anybody used the whip-staff arrangement on the Tiki 31 -   if so which arrangement was used. I would like to used a steering butt cannot afford the yacht shop prices.

Thanks Pieter


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