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This appears the be the very best way to connect to your batteries and it is good news that you can save money and do it yoursleves easily.  Nev says it is the best he has ever come across and we will be making ours soon.



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Awesome! Thanks for this!

instead off going thru all that work, why not just buy the correct crimp from an electric store outlet.

The "correct crimps" from an electric store are simply not as good as these connections that you can make yourself.  If you read the article through, this is all explained.  Nev is a sensible guy and avoids work that is not necessary, but he truly believes these connections are so much superior, it is well worth his time to make them.  These connections save energy, avoid corrosion, and they are more reliable.  All that and it is cheaper too!  But do it your way if you want to.  It's your boat and that is the joy of owning your own boat that you build yourself.  Boat building and the cruising life are pretty darn free of regulation and we are glad that it is so. 

Interesting, but as has already been said, the correct crimps fitted with a quality crimp tool will be better.

The problem with soldering is you get a rigid cable leaving the connector, this can lead to fatigue fractures and puts extra stress on your terminals. Also solder has a fairly high resistance, but the crimping (crushing in a vice)  first should eliminate this problem.

Also the reasons given i.e high resistance/ corrosion are very very unlikely in a properly crimped cable.

The big problem with properly crimped cables is the cost of good crimping tool, this can run into hundreds of £/$ for the right tool. 

Most of the problems with electrical systems on boats I have come across are due to poorly fitted crimps (cheap diy tools) and owner improvised solutions.

I love the fact that boating is still fairly free of rules and regulations, however we are still governed by the rules of physics

Nev's comments re battery connections:

How are your batteries mounted?  If they are properly secured, fatigue fractures would be most unlikely.

The tools required for the home made connection are already in most work shops and consist of a heat source, file, and vise which are likely in frequent use.  However, the high cost of a good crimping tool would weigh heavily on most boat builder budgets for a tool that would be very rarely used again.

Sorry Nev & Ann,  did not mean to cause offence, I should think before I jump, as this "forum" is just that, a source of information & sharing, thanx for the link. 

This quote is so true.

 """"" It's your boat and that is the joy of owning your own boat that you build yourself."""

Have a gud xmas & new year.


Hi Iain,

     The trouble with internet is that we cannot sit down with a cool drink in our hands on a pleasant beach looking at our boats at anchor and discuss these matters while watching the sun go down.   That would be so much more civilized!  But you will get your boat in the water soon and when you get to our part of the ocean, we can do that.  I look forward to it.   All the best,  Ann and Nev

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