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I would really like a heater in my boat for the early and end of the season. temperature is not really a problem but everything gets wet.

Right now i use 2 small 200W electric heaters, they are small but only 200w and do not remove moist air without extra ventilation. ( And i don't have 220v  all the time..)

I am thinking of putting a wallas heater in one hull and for the other hull i could make a removable duct, or i could try to put a duct inside of a beam.  The duct could be made from pvc or neoprene. The first solution isn't nice, the second complicated.

 A more simple solution would be nice..



The starboard hull "front-part" is used for storage, i could fit the heater there. the duct should then go thro the deck, in de beam. I figure i could make this from pvc tubing there are versions with rubber seals inside.

I am not sure if this is brilliant or stupid..yet.  so please comment, i can use it..

Regards Bart

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