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Any German Tiki 26 or similar around Berlin or Mecklenburg/Vorpommern? please let me know


I am signed in new but have read the forum as a guest for some time.

Reason I joined: I plan to buy a Tiki 26 but would really like to sail on one first to know if it is "my cup of tea". Sadly everyone I know either does not sail or sails monohull. So I would really like to accompany somebody from around here (Berlin or baltic Sea Coast of Mecklenburg) who has a tiki. So anyone owning a tiki and who would invite me to come along for some hours -- I would really appreciate it and also get you some small gift in exchange. (I hope my point comes across, I write better in German...)

So let me know...thanks ... and if this is the wrong place for such request let me know also...


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