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I am searching the web for info about the smaller wharram cats, and I really like the tiki 26. I ordered the Study Plan in witch is a drawing of the tiki in witch is written that the weight is 1200lbs or 545kg.

On the website: http://wharram.com/site/catalog/building-plans/coastal-trek-designs...

it says 

Weight: 1550 lbs 700 kg

Does anyone know if one is a mistake, or does it depends on how heave the boat is build?

It does make a big difference in the kind of trailer you might need.

Regards, Bart

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The weight is 700 kg. The weight in the study plans was a rough extimate before the first boat was build.

Edward and Andre, Thanks for your reply's. 

I agry that a little oversized trailer is good, (it's always good to be a bit on the safe side), but in the netherlands a trailer with a total weight of 750 kg does not require a registration of itself, above it does. As the boat itself is 700 kg there is no way to sty beneath the 750 kg so an extra 10% is no problem anymore..

Now i can search for a trailer taht can carry 770 kg and is in total less than 1100 kg ( max trailer weight of my car.)

Thanks for your help!



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