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Firstly, is there such a thing? I hope to do the wiring soon as the boat approaches its launch date.I plan to use two 6volt trojan batteries to power the basic requirements at the moment and will at a later stage add more power/storage with additional solar and batteries. i would like to power the following initially;

led nav lights

cabin lights




I have two small solar panels that are rated at 20 watt ea. This is hardly enough to recharge the batteries but will have to do for now.i hope to install more solar to about 200 watt eventually for extended voyaging.I plan to wire the boat so the additional kit will be able to be in place with not much more work.

your thoughts and ideas will be appreciated.

all the best


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Good to know Brandon, I could see this system as a redundancy backup for gps/ phone even fishfinder if you wire it right.I use 8 rechargeable batteries on my kayak fish finder as well as gps. Mate could you give me the name of those batteries please?

got one better... here's the article that I read to choose my batteries and the links in the articles got to the different brands amazon page. I chose the imedions because they were cheaper and had more recharge cycles than the new enloops and nearly as much capacity.

there is a reason they do not use crimped electrics on sumarines it fails miserably Solder is best tried and true . I repared electrical equipment for many years I have never seen a good  a solder joint fail but I have see many  factory crimps fail and most of these joints were not exsposed to sailt water but fresh water inshore from rain geting into an electrical cabinet.

Why go through all the expense to buy tinned wire then crimp it I believe the best way is to solder then shrink tube each connection is much better  if there in no way water or moisture can get to metal this solves a lot of problems I also use dielectric grease on all mechanical connections screws or bolts this is the way they make connections on Submarines I have read.

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