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Guys I know it's not a Wharram, but loving Wharrams introduced me to Pacific Proas........

It's been a hard journey of trial and error with shunting rigs.... This rig, the "LaSunk" is close to perfect! So simple it's ridiculous! Full sailing video below.


Balkan Shipyards.

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That is a very interesting set-up. Looks like it works quite well.

Curious about your steering oar, does it scull too? What is the purpose of the bend? 

I have used a horizontal sculling oar, but the bend was opposite. Biggest downfall of the horizontal oar was it couldn't be used very well to steer under sail.

My Sculling oar is designed by Mr Atsushi Doi, a true sculling oar genius, he shares his ideas free of charge on youtube and other places on the net. To find his youtube channel, search for ad-scull or use his name. 

It sculls very well and steers perfectly. I too started off with a straight oar, on very small boats it works, but the bigger the boat the worst it gets, the bend must be like Atsushi designs, that way the oar flips over automatically at the start of each stroke........

watch his vids, google it, build it and enjoy it! I'm very happy with it's performance.

Keep Shunting, Balkan Shipyards. 

Thanks for the info. 

And thanks for sharing your experimenting, love your ideas

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