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Does anyone know anything about the 46' Tiki in Grenada "Follower" (not sure thats the name) or the Agent selling it, "Monika"?  I'm considering going to look at it but "red flags" are flying.  They want a deposit before I go see it. Owner has people down there that are going to move it and pull it out of water to work on it but it is "immediately ready to sail.  When I asked if I could take it on a sea trial I was told that couldn't be done cause the sails and electronics were below.  Just seems suspicious that people could be trusted to move it, pull it out and do the work without owner present but those same people couldn't be trusted to escort me on a sea trial. There has been a lot of miscommunication because we don't speak the same language, maybe just that. Any info would be appreciated.

               Happy sailing, Rob

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We were ready to make a deal, but unfortunately a couple who looked at her three months back finally decided to make an offer. Coincidentally just after this whole chat began. Sometimes forums like these can work for you, and sometimes against you. We figured all of this talk got them motivated, but we also figure since she is on her 3rd owner we may ultimately be the fifth owner in a year or two.
Thanks to everyone for their input, we really appreciate everyone's advice and info.
Best of luck Pablo, I hope the deal goes through, but if not please let me know ASAP.
Happy Sailing to all, may the wind always be at your back,


Penn D said:

I sailed from Caracou to Grenada on Follower a few years ago. She is an awesome boat.

It is my belief you will break before she does. If I wanted a boat to sail around the world and had the funds I would not hesitate. If you factor in building time and cost...she is a bargain. If it was me buying her I would be changing the name, something not right about it, some new sails and away I go.

I say it again... she needs someone to love her a long time. Go for it, "or not". <Disclaimer  :-P

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