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I have been working out of town quite a bit and so hadn't sailed Dragon for nearly a month, altho I had been down to the boat to do some maintenance.

On Sunday we got to the boat early and she was in dire need of a good clean. I am on a chain mooring and so we found a vacant spot on the walk-on mooring where we could tie up and use the hose. A bucket of soap, a stiff brush and an hour later she was presentable again.

Then it was off to the sand bank to brush the slime from her bottom. This is for me is one of the great benefits of a Wharram. I found a gently sloping section of the bank and anchored. It was a falling tide and so meant I had to work quickly otherwise we were going to be aground for some time waiting for the tide to refloat us. I had antifouled her in April and so there was quite a bit of slime. It came off quickly with very little of the antifoul being washed off. The starboard hull touched the sand a couple of times but I was able to push her off ok.

At last I was able to pull the anchor out the sand make a dash for the boat before she drifted off and get up the ramp. On deck I had lefta camping shower bag in the very weak sun to warm and so rinse off the salt. Bloody luxury.

Shauns steered us off to the harbour entrance while I got the sails up.

The day was over cast, the air was cool, the sea had a 2 metre swell running and we were beating into it. Shauns put on her fleece while I was still in my shorts without a shirt. I was still warm from my recent exertions. I could see Shauns was cold, not enjoying the swell and would have preferred it if we had sailed in the harbour. I was really enjoying a bit of a thrash out to sea and noting how quickly we were hauling in a plastic cat.

But rule #1 never p' off your mate so I peeled off back to the harbour. Once inside we were getting up to 8 or 9 knots in the gusts. On passing one of our mates he was taking his crew for a hot roast lunch at the club and suggested we join them. Didnt take Shauns long to agree!!

So we had a late lunch, discussed our appalling rugby result against the Wallabies the day before and generally set the world to rights.

And these are just some of the reasons I go sailing.


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