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I heard good and bad things about the wingsails.

Personally, I like the concept and the aerodynamics advantages. But, I am concerned about the zipper, knowing by experience that they can fail.

I also heard that the sleeve, especially when wet make the sails difficult to manipulate (they "stick" to the mast).

I would like to hear from the ones who have experienced them at sea.

Anyway, I got a good quote from Tasker thailande, and almost ready to jump.

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I'm had sailing my Tiki 21 "Polinesio" with wingsail form S 08º W 035º to S 23º W 044º very nice. I never need to take off my sail from the mast. So, I don't use zipper. I living aboard on this boat for 8 years, since November 2001. Four years ago I add a alloy wishbone and feel more control possibilities for main. I feel necessity of a second reef.
My sail never "stik" to the mast. It work easely, with no stress. The downhall is just to fit the sail on the mast.
Since 2002 I had using twin jibs very closed same. This is a very pleasant arranment at trades winds.
I planning my next (and bigger) boat, a Wharram with some custom things, with this wonderfull sail. But to increase sail area at low winds I will use another bowstay to a bowspirit for a gennaker.
Here is time of carnival... happy carnival for you!

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