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I heard good and bad things about the wingsails.

Personally, I like the concept and the aerodynamics advantages. But, I am concerned about the zipper, knowing by experience that they can fail.

I also heard that the sleeve, especially when wet make the sails difficult to manipulate (they "stick" to the mast).

I would like to hear from the ones who have experienced them at sea.

Anyway, I got a good quote from Tasker thailande, and almost ready to jump.

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Having had a Tiki 30 previously, I can say that I do not think that the zipper will fail any sooner than any other part of the sail, stitching, or grommets. The internal straps take most of the stress and the zipper just keeps it all together. I think you will have repairs to the sail due to chafe long before you have zipper problems. Ask Rolly for a spare zipper to keep just in case you are in a remote location if one decides to fail at a later date - most likely from UV exposure.

I never had a problem when the sail was wet either. Of course, my previous junk rig was by far the simplest rig to manipulate on any point of sail and in any wind, but the Wingsail was the second easiest to the junk (though a distant second.)

I have Rolly Tasker sails and although I haven't used them yet, they look well built. Specify OCEAN grade fittings however. On headsails, this includes bronze piston hanks, as well as reinforced stitching and so on. They use high quality American cloth and their prices are among the most competitive in the world.

btw, I agrred with Shane's view – the zipper appears to be unlikely but reliable!
One thing for sure is to use two single blocks for the peak and throat halyard. The bit about making sure that the lines run through in opposite directions and that the peak has to come up last don't cut it. With the double block , it lays over on its side and jams. With the two singles it goes up as easy as mom's apple pie. David
Ok, I did it. I placed the order to Tasker Thailand today.

Thanks to everybody who gave me their feeling about the wingsails.
Maybe it is a bit early, but I am wondering....have you gotten the sails from Tasker? I would very much like to know what you think of the quality, and especially if they got the sleeve right.

haha There is enough work to do without having to add massive amounts of sewing to the list!
I have just taken delivery of a full wardrobe of Tasker sails. EXCELLENT quality using US Challenger cloth, bronze piston hanks and so on. Great personal service from Mike Tasker and fast delivery
My sails are on their way. Tasker informed me 2 days ago that they were done and shipped. Cannot wait. That will be a nice Xmas present!

Now I have to find a nice floor to unfold them (2 mains and 3 jibs, no roller furler). Forget about doing it outside, the weather being particularly nasty here in NJ.
I've passed this last weeks to search how to get an efficient and powerful sail.
If you are interested, I put the file "About the sails on my own page, I try to put the link here, but I don't know if it will work.
Thanks Bertrand for this study.
I have myself seriously practiced high aspect square tops rigging on speed cats like F18 and from it, I feel that the gaff + wingsail is a good approach (not the only one though) for efficiency and am ready to try it. From my Hobie Tiger, I also got the knowledge and practice for asymetrical spinnakers and will completely duplicate the configuration on my 38: Spin pole with bridles further than bows, tack line and max square footage. I am confident that this will work well and really hope to see the benefit, even in medium air.
I have a goal of 15 knots of speed with good conditions. Seems reasonable to me.

I cannot wait ...
Got the sails today!!! From what I can see, quality seems excellent, well packaged, a very clean delivery.
SO happy to hear it – and the price is pretty good too, especially given the quality.
I've used Rolly Tasker sails on my Pahi31 with the Tiki30 wingsail rig for two years now. I'm very happy with both the sails and their service, easy communication and best price I could find. My main was 6oz US Dacron which might be a bit heavy since all my sailing is in inland waters of Puget Sound often with very light air. In retrospect I might have gone with lighter cloth.

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