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I have posted some photos of 1980 catalog. The Pahi 42  Captain Cook was the newest addition to the fleet and stitch-n-glue was not yet available from Wharram. The Tiki range came shortly after. Interesting that the 20ft boat on the trailer is called Tiki although it is obviously Pahi shape. I wonder if it was ever built ? I was also on a Pahi style boat approx 35ft built for the Round Britain Race I understand that the cruising Pahis were developed from this. 32 years ago ???

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Alex - that "wall-hanging" - short cabin only two beam troughs - has to be the elusive Proa !!! ???

I don't think so -as far as I can tell, the proa was an adapted p31. The p20 only had two beams. I put another pic of what I think is the p20 hull put to one side,while another build is going on.
The proa would have been like Inigo Wijnen's first boat, which was a tacking outrigger. Pic up of that too.

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